Thursday, March 10, 2016


March 10, 2016

Our mission was invited to attend Relief Society today in the Relief Society Building on Temple Square.  Sister Burton, General Relief Society President, and Sister Reeves, one of her counselors welcomed us and taught us our lesson. 

We all met together in the Presidents Room.  Along the wall in front of the room were pictures of past General Relief Society Presidents.  On the south wall hung pictures of past General Young Women Presidents and on the north wall hung pictures of past General Primary Presidents. 

Sister Burton told us that the Relief Society Building was built by donations from sisters of the  Church.  Each sister gave $5 which was a great sacrifice for those who contributed because this happened shortly after the war.  Those who couldn't give money sent beautiful pieces of art from their personal belongings and these are now displayed in the room next to the President's Room in the Relief Society Building.  All sacrificed much and gave what they could to be a part of this great endeavor. 

We all had an uplifting and spiritually strengthening time together.  At the close of the meeting Sisters Burton and Reeves shook each sisters hand or gave them a hug. 

We all arrived early so we could enter together


Sisters chatted with each other and found other things to do while we waited for the doors to open

 Sister Reeves and Sister Burton

 Sisters from Arizona or Sisters who Served in Arizona for Outbound

Our mission Relief Society President, Sister Bodota (Philippines)  and her counselor, Sister Duford (France) with Sister Burton, Gen. Relief Society President and her counselor Sister Reeves.

President and Sister Risenmay look on as our AP's, Sisters Rajah and Torjesen say good-bye to Sisters Reeves and Burton.