Sunday, March 13, 2016


March 13, 2016

Big changes took place in Sacrament Meeting today.  President Harman, 1st Counselor and President Loos, 2nd Counselor were released today. 

President Risenmay said the Savior is the only one who is never released but everyone else called to serve is released.  We learn to really love others when we serve and that’s why releases can be hard. 

Called to serve as 1st Counselor to President Risenmay is President Mulford and as 2nd Counselor is President Bateman.


President and Sister Loos and Sister and President Harman 

Sisters filed by to offer their thanks and say good-bye to Presidents Harman and Loos.

Departing Sisters for this upcoming transfer sang the intermediate song in Sacrament Meeting today
Sisters Suarez, Quidiman, Sindylkova, Rajah, Sughroue, Haight, Helton, Vasi, Kogure(piano), Sonku, Oliveira & Howard