Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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                 The 24th of July was such a fun day!  These are most of the sisters that got to watch the
                  Days of 47 Parade.  They are seated on the lawn in front of Brigham Apts.   The parade
                  went East on South Temple.  About 92 of the other sisters went to This Is The Place
                  Monument where they had a watermelon eating contest among many other fun things.
                  The remainder of the sisters stayed on the square to take care of the visitors. They will
                   have opportunity to go next year or already did those fun activities.

                  Sisters from left to right beginning first row....Sisters Stahle, Orellana, Evans, Davis,        
                  Hulme, Ranieri, Clement, Tripptree, Smith S. Evaga, Josephson, Dolbin, (Third row)
                  Curcino, Salles, Pincock, Naranjo, Lee, Wang, Aguilar, Murillo, Chayaningtias, Richins,
                   Botcha, Dornelas, Pazzos, Cox, Frenkel, Pierre, Silva, Miroshnakova, and others!