Tuesday, August 1, 2017

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 We all feel very blessed to have President Risenmay to lead us, teach us, and answer our questions.
  Some of us missionaries have  joined the Church a very short while ago and have many things
  we want to know about.  Pres.  Risenmay is an avid reader and historian so we enjoy the additions
  from historical events to go along with the scriptures we study daily.  His iron clad testimony gives us added strength and knowledge in our preparations to meet and teach people from all over the
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          Elder Spencer teaches us the easiest way to move apartments using only sealed boxes, large plastic bags (for light items), and suitcases.   We must be  good drivers and passengers. " SLOW IS BETTER" and "STOP" are important phrases we learn!! Three point parking in the tiny  D.A. parking garage is a must.   Being on time is imperative !
          Budgeting is taught, hoping we can make it to the end of the month with money still in our accounts!!



Sister Seol (Korea) and Sister Engmann teach a training lesson on the:
       Effective Use of Studies

         The sisters study hard in Zone Conference. Sisters Shumway, Fang, Gunther and Ward in front.