Monday, October 5, 2015


Oct 3-4, 2015

        Sister Missionaries talk with guests after    Conference.

Sisters "Announcing" welcoming guests to Temple Square in their native language and offering tours

 Sometimes it rained during Conference

But that didn't stop Sisters from greeting all who came to Conference

President Poulsen finds time to greet guests and enjoys sharing the gospel with Temple Square Visitors 

Sisters Sharing experiences during Conf. Meals
Sisters Yoshida, Desjourdy, McDaniel, Oh, Mozos, Poulsen and Almeida

Sisters Bean, Poulsen, Teirua, Desjourdy and Almeida

Sister Teirua says good-bye to Sister Toa who will be departing for home. 


Sister Poulsen and Sister Sommerfeldt enjoy a moment together!

After every good time comes clean up and Sister Poulsen and Pres. Harman don't mind giving a helping hand!