Thursday, October 8, 2015


Oct. 8, 2015

South 2 Zone had the opportunity to go to the Humanitarian Center tonight and participate in a service project to provide clothing to the people of Zimbabwe.  We sorted bags of donated clothing, shoes, book bags, quilts and other miscellaneous items to be bundled and sent to the people of Zimbabwe.  This project was hosted by E4Z, an organization founded by three professional golfers: Laurette Maritz from South Africa, Reeve Nield from Zimbabwe and Cecilie (CC) Lundgreen from Norway.  E4Z provides humanitarian aid in numerous forms.  There mission is "to give sight to the blind, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, lift up the heads that hang down and strengthen the feeble knees."  You can learn more about them at

CC explains to us what we need to do

South 2 Zone


CC couldn't let us
leave without a hug

Oct. 13, 2015

Today's little Miracle...As retold by: Natalie Hunt Kattelman

“Today as I walked into the First Park Warehouse, Reeve tasked my sister and I to help with sorting the late donations.  She informed me that someone would need to return to the Humanitarian Center to bale the piles afterward -so they could fit into the containers.  A couple of hours later, Mary-Ellen and her husband Shad were loading up two truck loads of bags that we had pre sorted.  Reeve informed Katrina and I that we needed to go and help bale to finish things as fast as possible.  I told Reeve that Mary-Ellen was planning to call me if we were permitted to use more than one baling machine.  Reeve replied: "Just go, the Lord will provide... Have Faith". As we left to head to the Humanitarian Center I thought "Have faith that our knees would not hurt from the previous day's of baling? or perhaps we would need faith to work faster than usual? ... As we arrived to the humanitarian center we sat outside the dock waiting for someone to unlock the doors for us.  A couple minutes later a car with two women pulled up and stopped to ask if this was the service project.  Not sure exactly what they were looking for I continued inside while the others tried to help them.... not 30 seconds later I glanced up to see 13 Sister Missionaries (all very familiar faces as I had just helped to fed them lunch over General Conference) walking up to our dock.  They let us know they had gotten lost, and wondered if we needed help with anything. -SERIOUSLY-  I just starred for a minute, in awe at the clearly non coincidental timing.  I'm sure the angels that helped orchestrate the Sister's being "lost" got a kick out of my reaction. What a blessing to have extra hands loading our machines, writing labels and taping. We were done baling both truck loads within 35 minutes.  I recall having heard about many of the miracles that surround the service to Zimbabwe.  Trusting in God rarely include the details of how exactly things will work out, Faith truly does precede the miracle. I'm reminded again how true President Eyrings statement is that "When you do your part, the Lord adds His power to your efforts."


Sisters Sonku, Chen, Caramia, Almeida, Desjourdy, Timoteo, Nogueira, George, Hara, Rajah, Sapera, Baldoza and Saavedra!!