Sunday, May 24, 2015


May 21 and 22

Yesterday and today instead of zone conference we held a mission tour and Elder Arnold of the Seventy was the visiting General Authority.  He shared with us that his assignment from the President of the Quorum of the 12 was to lift and teach. He brought the love of the 1st presidency , quorum of the 12 and brethren and sisters of the auxiliaries.  He also said he brings the love of the Savior who thanks you for your diligent, kind and hard efforts. 
Elder Arnold spoke to us about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He emphasized that our handbook for being effective missionaries is Preach My Gospel and we should learn it well from cover to cover.  He referred us to chapter 2 to learn how to study effectively.  Following are some insights he shared with us.

As we understand the atonement we will want to share the gospel.  Atonement means change for me and others and that’s what repentance is.  He referred to 3 Nephi 27:27 the last part of that verse where it tells us what we are to become. He asked, what kind of change can the atonement bring in my life?  President Kimball said that the atonement brings a change from the natural man.  The atonement allows us to repent and that means change.  When we give ourselves to Christ we give up the natural man and focus on change—we give up things that don’t really matter.

We were to ask ourselves what we have done to be like a missionary and what we can do to become more like a missionary.  He referred us to the self-evaluation exercise in PMG, chapter 6.  He invited us to concentrate and focus on having the Holy Ghost with us always and then asked for responses to the following question.  What does the Atonement mean to me?  He referenced the following scriptures: 2 Nephi 9:18, 20, 21 and Alma 7:11-12.
When we extend an invitation to an investigator to commit to do something we should expect them to do it.  If they don’t we should be devastated, in a good way, when an investigator doesn’t keep his commitment.  We are struggling for the eternal souls of men and if they don’t keep their commitments they probably won’t commit to baptism.  . 

After our discussion he asked us what we got out of the meeting and our discussion on the atonement that we can take with us.  Following are some of the comments that were made.

1.       Don’t take gospel lightly with people.

2.       Consecrate and give will to God

3.       Extend powerful invitations to others.

4.       Keep teaching simple.

5.       Begin with the end in mind (see them dressed in white at the temple)

6.       Keep eternal perspective

7.       Our thoughts are recorded in heaven in the Book of Life as well as our words and acts.

8.       Better understanding of the Atonement

9.       Study harder, feast

10.   See people dressed in white

11.   Love everyone out there

12.   Rely on Savior not ourselves. It’s His work and we are here to help Him.

13.   Be persistent

14.   Improve self-esteem, each has talents, don’t compare,  D&C 46.

15.   Forget myself

16.   Plan better, don’t waste time

17.   Atonement will change and strengthen you

18.   Review Christ-like attributes often, try to be like Him

19.   See everyone as lost sheep

20.   Don’t look back.

21.   Be accountable to the Lord
Our time over the past two days has been inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and the seed was planted in our hearts to do better and be better.

President/Sister Poulsen and Elder/Sister Arnold teach

Sisters help Elder Arnold with a lesson demonstration

President Loos and President Poulsen



 Lunch Break During Our Mission Tour