Thursday, May 7, 2015


May 7, 2015

Today in Relief Society we welcomed Sister Nevil from Texas as our newest sister missionary to Temple Square.  She's excited to begin her mission with us and she is our ASL language missionary.  We are so happy to have her!!!
 Sisters Asuro (Philippines) and Nevil (Texas) in the Teaching Center

Instead of a lesson for Relief Society today Elder and Sister Sharp, one of our senior couples, gave us Tour Training for both Motor Coach Tours and Hospitality Tours.  We were reminded to teach people and not lessons.  We need to be sensitive to the promptings of the Spirit as we give tours to groups as few as 2 or 3 and as large as 45-50 guests.  Some visitors are only interested in the historical facts while others want to learn more about us and our beliefs.  We are able to do both through a process called bridging.  Actually our history is our beliefs.  

The importance of a working microphone was stressed as well as how to hold the microphone so that our voices will carry.  Other missions have to work all week to find the ''one'' to teach but we are blessed at Temple Square to have people come to us all day long wanting to know the history and basic beliefs of our church. We want to be prepared both temporally and spiritually to give our guest the best experience they can have at Temple Square.  

Elder Sharp begins his training reminding us of our purpose as missionaries!