Wednesday, May 27, 2015


May 27, 2015

Its Transfer time again!!!  We have 8 sisters going Outbound, 16 sisters departing, 25 sisters will be coming to Temple Square from the MTC and 11 sisters will be returning from Outbound Missions.

OUTBOUND SISTERS:                                                                                      MISSION
Sister Helton                                                                                                      California San Diego
Sister Vasi                                                                                                           California San Diego
Sister Leavitt                                                                                                      California Oakland
Sister Sonku                                                                                                       California Oakland
Sister Atchu                                                                                                       California Oakland
Sister O’Dell                                                                                                       California Oakland
Sister Aquino                                                                                                     Arizona Tempe
Sister McDaniel                                                                                                 Arizona Tempe
 We are so happy to have our new sisters arrive from the MTC!!  They are all anxious to learn what their assignments will be and begin their missionary labors on Temple Square.

After dropping off their luggage at Deseret Apartments and having their pictures taken at the Mission Office, a luncheon was held for our MTC sisters.  Burton's and Richardson's, two of our senior couples on Temple Square, prepared and hosted the luncheon. 


President and Sister Poulsen enjoy lunch with the Sisters


                        Sister                                                               Mission

Mahoney, Rebekah                                                     Georgia Atlanta

Fluckiger, Alyssa                                                           Georgia Atlanta

Brooks, Kazjana                                                             New York Utica

Rasheed, Shereen                                                         New York Utica

Hadzik, Anne-Sofie                                                        Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

Quidiman, Camila Andrea                                           Texas Houston South

Yunda Espin, Andrea Elizabeth                                   Texas Houston South

Tuuhia, Rautea                                                              Washington DC North

Wu, Yan                                                                          Washington DC North

Juntilla, Niera                                                                 Washington Spokane

Mafi, Seine Tokanga                                                      Washington Spokane

Returning Outbound Sisters

Carminiaperi C. Asuro, Camilla L. Elizabeth Bomgren, Li Ying Chen, Precious Mae S. Dimatera, Carolina Javiera Fuentes, Emily Diane Gearheart, Vanessa Hoffmann E Souza, Misuzu Ichikawa, Ma. Teresa Dilao Jamito, YangziJin, Soklina Kang, Hanna-Martta Ilona Lampinen, Tamires A. Silva Moreno, Krystine Sariha Nath Guerrero, Seen Yee Tsang and Yutong Wu.
Departing Sisters and President and Sister Poulsen attend a session at the Temple
President and Sister Poulsen with Sisters Dutra and Isaksen, our AP's this transfer

 We Will Miss You All So Very Much!! We Love You!!!

A week later on June 3rd we welcomed some additional missionaries from other missions to Temple Square.  Sisters Lin and Lee joins us from the Arizona Tempe Mission.

Later the same day we welcomed the arrival of Sisters Pan, Zhong, Lo and Lin from the Oakland California Mission.  We look forward to getting to know all these wonderful new sisters to our mission.