Monday, May 25, 2015


May 25, 2015

Sisters met at their assigned Zone spots at 7:00am to find out about next transfer and announcements.  Afterwards we met at 7:30am in the Assembly Hall for Transfer Conference and to say good-bye to our departing sisters. 
Departing sisters were asked to share their testimonies and share advice they might have to their sister missionaries.  Following are some things they shared with us.
1. Give your will to Lord and have His heart be your heart.
2.  Work hard, smile and do your best. 
3.  When life gets too hard to stand then kneel.  Forget yourself and go to work.  Love God and love others, our mission is not about us.
4.  There is power in basic fundamentals.  Print out ‘’check your progress’’ and put on face page of your planner. Law of Farm: Whatever you plant you will sow.  You can’t have investigators if you don’t work hard.  The formula for heartaches is faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement and repentance.
5.  Thank you for taking care of Chinese people when they visit Temple Square.  Your smiles communicate to them that they are loved and welcomed.  Ask yourself:  Can Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ count on you?  How will you answer them?  Stay busy, stay tired.  The Spirit will bless you to overcome physical problems.  When you pray you show that you have confidence in Heavenly Father.  Pray for your imperfect companion and learn from them.  Love them.
6.  Alma 17:11  Endure to the end.  Heavenly Father called you to this work.  When you experience afflictions pray to Heavenly Father for strength. 
7.  Do all you can do and trust in the Lord.  Work, Work, Work, there is no substitute for work.  Heavenly Father’s plan is a Plan of Happiness so be happy.
8.  Learn the language of the Spirit.
9.  Be grateful!
10.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ lives.  It is important to help each other.
11.  Jacob 1:5 is about our divine potential.  Don’t have to worry about anything or fear.  You have a testimony of the Book of Mormon which is the keystone to our religion.
12.  2 Nephi 22:3  Speak by the power of the Holy Ghost and message will be brought to heart of people.  Personal study is time to treasure up word of Lord and then you have it for Temple Square and can speak by the power of the Holy Ghost. We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails, said Thomas S. Monson. We can speak by the power of the Holy Ghost with right attitude and He will bring our message to the hearts of the people.
13.  You don’t have to spend many hours on what you wear and your appearance, instead work harder on the language of the heart.  Know your master Jesus Christ and follow His example.  Read 2 Tim 4:2.  We are always missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ.  The Lord can change you if you have a willing heart.
14.  Be a Christ-like missionary and don’t just do missionary things.  Truly represent Jesus Christ.  Read 1Nephi 3:7.  Be yourself, don’t compare and love your companion.
15.  Rely on the Lord.  Pray with all the energy of your hear.  Work smart and remember your covenants.
16.  No greater joy than being an instrument of the Lord.  Pray for desire to work hard.

When our Transfer Conference was closed Sister Poulsen walked to the podium with President Poulsen to announce that they were celebrating their 43rd anniversary today.  She invited all the sisters to find a wonderful husband like President Poulsen and President Poulsen declared than when he enters the Celestial Kingdom it will be because Sister Poulsen is holding his hand. 

Happy Anniversary President and Sister Poulsen